Book Review | Butterfly Suicide by Mary Ann Loesch

The blood on the cafeteria floor has been washed away and the bullet holes plastered over, but those words carved deeply into the back of the worn auditorium chair will always be a reminder for the students of Rockingham High School of what happened there last May. For Stephen Valley, the brother of infamous school shooter Jude Valley, that day is one he will never be allowed to forget—especially since the small town blames him for the loss of the seven students killed in Jude’s rampage. Unfortunately, poverty has a firm grip on his mother’s finances, imprisoning him in the bigoted town with no options to leave.

Monica Monroe, a self proclaimed Theatre Nerd, hates being known only as the sister of Jude Valley’s murdered girlfriend, Simone. Even though she’s never believed Jude killed her sister over a lover’s quarrel, she does blames herself for not seeing what a monster he was. When she is partnered with Stephen for an acting scene in Theatre class, Monica views this as an opportunity to finally get some answers. Being paired with Stephen proves to be dangerous for her emotional well being and her heart. When he is beaten up for being on her street, Monica realizes his life after the actions of Jude has been as traumatic as her own.

Drawn together by tragedy, the two stumble across a shattering secret which threatens to ruin their blossoming romance and destroy their families.


Stephen Valley is starting high school in Rockingham, Texas, which wouldn’t be a big deal if his older brother Jude hadn’t shot seven students in the cafeteria just three months earlier. Stephen has no idea why his brother did what he did, other than the fact that he was seriously twisted. Everyone blames Stephen and his mother for Jude’s crime.

Monica Monroe is also dreading starting school at Rockingham High School after the incident in the cafeteria, after Jude killed her sister Simone and Simone’s friends. Monica has had a crush on Stephen since seventh grade and little does she know that he too has had a crush on her. Together they figure out the twisted secrets of their families and Jude’s reason for killing those seven people.

Butterfly Suicide by Mary Ann Loesch is a serious page turner. The story is told by both Stephen and Monica as they figure out the reasons behind Jude’s shooting spree. This book is full of surprising secrets that will keep you flipping the pages. This story is full of drama and romance that will keep your on your feet.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Loesch did a wonderful job of laying out hints and details leading up to why Jude did what he did. This book is not what I expected from the title but I was not disappointed at any point. I was continuously surprised by the plot while reading this, each plot-twist perfectly placed. I would love to read more from this author.


Thank you NetGalley and Backlit PR for a copy of this book in return for a honest review.


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