November Wrap-Up

November Wrap-up

I know I’m a couple days late with this but honestly, I can’t believe it’s already December! I had a pretty eventful November I guess. I had a hospital stay three days before Thanksgiving, then there was Thanksgiving, I saw a couple new movies, and read a few books! All in all, my November wasn’t too bad, check it out:


We started Astronomy in my Physical Science class and learned some pretty cool things. Did you know there are actually thirteen planets? Yeah, me either. There are five dwarf planets that we don’t really count.

maxresdefault-2     All+dwarf+planets+in+our+solar+system+should+be+counted+_bc47e94b0c68ed7716b65798de22c977


I had a hospital stay three days before Thanksgiving. I’m spontaneous like that. It was crazy, I had some weird knee pain and I couldn’t walk on my left leg. I got some antibiotics and stayed overnight then went home the next day in no pain. Crazy, right?


Thanksgiving was pretty good. I don’t really like “Thanksgiving food” like stuffing and that cranberry stuff though. I had ham, turkey, potatoes, green beans, and mac & cheese (my fave) and tons of desserts. My mom makes an awesome Cranberry Christmas Cake that doesn’t really have to be for Christmas, obviously. Oh and I saw Justice League.


I saw two new movies this month. My mom, brother, and I went and saw Wonder the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I had read the book over the summer and was so excited about the movie. We also saw Justice League with my aunt, uncle, and cousins on Thanksgiving.

s-l300                      Justice-League-teaser-poster


I read several books this month as well:


Butterfly Suicide


All the Wrong Chords


Maybe in Paris


Oh! I also won Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children box set in a Goodreads giveaway!


How was your November?


Reviews in links.

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