Book Review | The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor is about young Alyss who is soon to become queen until her evil Aunt Redd invades Wondertropolis and the Heart Castle, murdering anything and everyone in her way. With nowhere else to go, Alyss and Hatter Madigan escape through the Pool of Tears. Alyss finds herself lost and alone in London. Alyss tries to explain her situation to people but they think she’s crazy. Alyss is finally adopted by the Liddell family and soon befriends Lewis Carroll. Alyss thought she had finally found someone who she could trust and would believe her story. Carroll gets the story all wrong and even changes her name! Hatter Madigan, having promised Alyss’s mother to keep her safe, is searching every corner of the world to find Alyss. Alyss must return in order to defeat Redd, save Wondertropolis, and claim her rightful place as the Queen of Hearts.

My brother read this in one of his classes and he kept telling me about it and it sounded interesting. I asked if I could borrow a copy once they were finished reading it in class and I’m glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It gave me a new perspective on Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. After you read this book, you almost feel like this book could totally be how Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written. Almost like a story within a story.

The author’s writing was very descriptive making all the people and their surroundings easy to picture. This book does not read like a spin-off or tribute to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Beddor did a wonderful job in writing this book and including all the mythical creatures and characters from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but this book is its own and you don’t have to have had read any of Lewis Carroll’s books to understand it.

I don’t know if I would classify this book as a YA, fantasy, or children’s book, maybe it is a little of all three. Anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland should read this.

  Oh, I almost forgot, my favorite quotes:

“For the most of the universe’s inhabitants, life is not all gummy wads and tarty tarts; it is a struggle against hardship, unfairness, corruption, abuse, and adversity in all guises, when even to survive — let alone survive with dignity — is heroic. To soldier through the days in the wake of failure is the courageous act of many.”

— Frank Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

“The vicissitudes of her lifehad caused her to keep her feelings for others in check: it was dangerous to care for people; inevitably, you got hurt.”

— Frenk Beddor, The Looking Glass Wars

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