February​ Wrap-Up

February Wrap-Up

February is over and I can not believe it. Like seriously, where has the time gone? This month has been somewhat eventful. I read several books, knocking a few off my NetGalley list. I saw Black Panther which was awesome. There were also some upsetting things that happened this month as well.

Books I read:




Black Panther was awesome. It was definitely different from other Marvel movies but I really enjoyed it. The scenery was beautiful and the fight scenes were awesome as well. I would recommend seeing it at the theater on the big screen if you can.


I also Received very upsetting news this month. My great-grandmother had to have a tumor removed from her bladder and they are pretty sure that it is pretty serious bladder cancer. I love my great-Grandma very much and it is absolutely heartbreaking to know that this is happening to her.


On a happier note, there is a wonderful group of middle school girls who have decided to do a fundraiser for my family in order to help with our travels and such. My mom and I travel back and forth weekly to Birmingham for my treatments which is a 4-5 hour drive. I think these girls are awesome, not because they are doing it for my family, but because they decided to do this on their own and My family is not the only family they have helped.




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