Book Review | Norman by Stephen Lancaster


Norman by Stephen Lancaster

Paranormal, Non-Fiction

Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing | April 8, 2018

3/5 Stars


When paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster brought home an old doll from an antique shop, he had no idea what bizarre and terrifying things were about to occur. From Day One, Norman the doll raised Hell. He caused sudden infestations of rats and spiders. He frightened dogs and put children in trances. He even moved on his own in video surveillance footage. And that was just the beginning.

Norman takes you on a thrilling journey into Stephen’s life with a doll that has held the spirit of an unborn child for over fifty years. A haunted doll that still lives in Stephen’s house, locked away in his own room to keep him from once again endangering the house and Stephen’s family.

My Review

Norman is about a haunted doll purchased by the author of this book, Stephen Lancaster. Norman is a Matty Mattel doll that belonged to a young girl in the 60’s who lost her twin brother before he was even born. The little girl also watched her house burn down on Christmas Eve a couple years later, left only with that doll. Decade’s later, Lancaster purchases the doll at a local antique shop. After bringing him home strange things start happening around his home and can only be explained as being done by Norman.


Stephen Lancaster is a retired paranormal researcher, so while the obvious thing to do for us normal people would be to get rid of the creepy doll, he did not. Instead, he set up surveillance cameras and taunted the thing. This whole book is about the strange things that took place in Lancaster’s house after purchasing the doll and the evidence he collected. He includes pictures of video snapshots of all the freaky stuff going on in his house from doors opening/closing on their own, writing on mirrors, shadows in the mirror, and Norman moving by his self.


So, when I requested this book on NetGalley I thought it was going to be a story about a haunted doll, like a made-up story, fiction. That is so not what I got. If I didn’t already not like dolls, I definitely don’t like them now. This book was so creepy and I’m so glad to be done with it. I am a firm believer in “seeing is believing,” and I believe that everything Lancaster says took place in his home after getting this doll is true, that is why I am giving this book a five-star review.



Thanks, Netgalley and Llewellyn Worldwide for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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