March Wrap-Up

March Wrap-Up

March has flown by so fast, it’s crazy. I had a few eventful things happen this month. My moms birthday was this month, the girls I talked about in my February Wrap-Up had their fundraiser for me and family, I got Cellulitis on my Knee and couldn’t walk for a day, and I read a few books. Oh! I also got overalls, not like the cute girly ones, like farmer Joe overalls. I love them so much, I dare anyone to say anything about them. (;




I read several books this month, including most of the books on my March TBR plus a couple more.

All of these books were really good. Well, The Art of Fiction was kind of boring, but I needed to knock it off my Rory Gilmore Reading Challange List. Other than that I really enjoyed all of them. There should be a review for all of them except for The Art of Fiction and Everything HAppens for a Reason under Reviews A-z. You should check them out.



The Fundraiser:

It was totally awesome. There was a variety show with dancers and singers which was really cool. There was also a guy there who was going to sing a different song until he heard that Twenty One Pilots is my favorite band and he decided to sing House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots. It was sooo good.


Mom’s Birthday: 


So I had ordered her present off Life Token like two/three weeks before her actual birthday so they would have plenty of time to get here right? They ended up coming in the mail earlier than expected. We were leaving to go somewhere and she checked the mail before getting in the car. I look over to see her opening a package and I realize it’s her present. So she got her present a little early. We got cheesecake from Hope’s Cheesecake for her actual birthday.




My Knee:

This was horrible. It was a Saturday and my knee was huge. It hurt so bad to bend it or put any pressure on it I could hardly walk without some kind of help. Luckily I have an amazing mom and brother, they helped me through it. I started some antibiotics and by the next morning, my knee didn’t hurt as bad and the swelling had gone down. This happens every now and then. my body is weird. Anyways, it’s all good now.






I love my overalls so much. They are comfortable and I don’t have to worry about them falling down. Honestly, it’s like, “Overalls where have you been all my life?” They’re the best.





How was your month of March?

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