Top 5 Tuesday | Science Fiction


Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by the lovely Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. You should go check out her page she has some awesome posts. I know I’ve missed several top 5 Tuesdays, but they are completely justified because I had a lot going on. You can read about why I was gone here. Anyways! I am so excited about the topic for this week. Science Fiction is one of my favorite genres to read. I like it because most of the stuff in the books is made up or it’s in space with aliens and epic battles which leaves you to imagine it however you want. I have several Sci-Fi favorites, but I am going to try to narrow it down to five.




I got this awesome book from NetGalley and I loved it so much. It’s about the girl and her crew finding this abandoned ship that was traveling to another planet. Everyone is dead on the ship but one person. It’s got fighting, it’s funny, and just a touch of romance. I enjoyed reading it very much. If you enjoy space sci-fi, you should check this one out. You can also read my review here




There is no doubt that this book and the rest of the series are one of my favorite science fiction novels. If you haven’t read this I recommend that you do. There are nine aliens (but they look like humans) that came from the planet Lorien to escape from the other aliens that were destroying their planet. The bad aliens followed them to earth and they are killing the good aliens one by one in order and this is Four’s story. The rest of the series features the other aliens and how they all eventually come together. They made this one into a movie that was really good, but I don’t think they will make the others into movies.





This book was really different than anything that I had read in a while. It’s about this detective who is trying to solve a murder, but the thing is the person who is dead is a sinthetic and as far as everyone else is concerned, they don’t matter. This book was very interesting and I liked it a lot. The sequel should be coming out soon and I can’t wait to read it. You can check out my review for this book here.





I absolutely LOVED this book. I loved all the references and humor. It’s about this billionaire game designer who died but left an easter egg in his greatest creation called the Oasis and whoever finds it inherits all his money and control over the Oasis.  The movie does not do this book justice at all (they changed just about everything). Anyways, check out my review for Ready Player One.





This book was so weird and futuristic. Everyone is watched and monitored at all times. This book was a combination of two of my favorite genres, Sci-Fi and dystopian, which is why I liked it so much. I almost didn’t read this because I had to read Animal Farm in high school by the same author and I loathed it. I’m glad I did decide to read it though. It was very interesting and kept me wondering what was going to happen next.



Well, that’s my top 5 favorite science fiction novels. What are yours?

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