Top 5 Tuesday | Summer Reads


This weeks topic is Top 5 Summer Time Reads, but I’ve decided to change it up just a little. My version of this topic will just include books I want to read this summer. You should check out Shanah @BionicBookWorm  for the Top 5 Tuesday Topics and for links to other blogs participating. Let me just start off by saying there are lots of books I want to read this summer, but these five I’m looking forward to the most.





I want to read all of these books this summer. My brother and I picked all of these out a weeks ago at Target and he’s currently reading two of them. I’ve been sick on and off the last few weeks which means I haven’t really done much, including reading. I will still probably get them all read before him. I’m not sure which one I am looking forward to the most though. They all look really good. Well, that’s my summer list, what’s yours?

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