Book Review | Lucky Break by Brooke Carter


Lucky Break by Brooke Carter

YA, Fiction

Orca Book Publishers | August 28, 2018

5/5 Stars



Lucy Graves is seventeen and captain of her rugby team. During a very important game, Lucy gets tackled and breaks her ankle. Breaking her ankle not only destroys her hopes of earning a scholarship but also brings up a past trauma. Now Lucy is full of even more anxiety and will have to overcome her past trauma in order to figure out what it means to be a real team player.

My Review

This book almost reads like a diary, but not really. Does that make sense, no? Okay. It’s a very relatable book, both story and characters. Throughout the book, all of Lucy’s weird superstitions and rituals are mentioned which help you to better understand her character and I felt like she was a very relatable. The story is relatable because it’s about a person who has to overcome an obstacle in order to get to where they truly need to be which is something people do all the time.


Lucy likes to make lists to help cope with her anxiety in which I think we can all relate to on some level. My favorite one was this one:

Things People Say 

That Make Me Crazy

  1. “It’s not the end of the world.” Really? How do they know? MAYBE IT IS.
  2. “There’s no such thing as bad luck.” My (probably broken) leg begs to differ. Right now I feel straight-up cursed.
  3. “Relax” I really don’t understand this one. How is everyone else so calm all the time? I’m barely hanging on. Don’t they know it’s pretty much guaranteed that their safe little bubble is going to burst at any moment? How do other people get through each day without letting the fear overtake them? It’s exhausting — all the pretending and acting like everything is just hunky-dory.


I really liked this book. It’s fast-paced, only 100 or so pages, but still a good story. I think I like it so much because it’s so relatable. Like Lucy, I’ve been presented with many obstacles in my life and I’ve had to choose whether or not to overcome them and how hard I’m going to work to overcome that obstacle. I think this is a book that anyone would enjoy and it’s so easy to read I finished it in a couple of hours.


The author of this short story, Brooke Carter, used to be a female rugby player and was injured and moved to the sidelines. Her time playing rugby is what inspired this book which I think is awesome. We don’t have any rugby teams in my little town, or in any of the other towns around me for that matter, so the thought of a girls rugby team is awesome to me. You can tell while reading the way Carter describes the game, each move, and position that she truly loves the sport and honestly it made me want to rugby as well!


As usual, there were a few quotes in this book that I liked and I’d like to share:


“It always amazes me the capacity a teenager has for sarcasm, even in emergent situations.”

                                            — Paramedics, Luck Break

The Paramedics that brought Lucy into the ER after she broke her ankle say this after Lucy answers sarcastically when one of them asks how she is doing.


“I don’t like medicine, and I’d rather feel the pain. Pain means I’m alive.”

                              — Lucy, Lucky Break

Lucy makes this remark after the doctor sends her home with crutches and a boot on her broken ankle and some painkillers.


“It’s funny how good things come the heels of the bad. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t work the other way around.” 

                                   — Lucy, Lucy Break

I can’t tell you this one because it would spoil a part of the book.


“I’ve realized that I can get through anything. I just need to count on the people in my life.”

                               — Lucy, Lucky Break

This is Lucy’s final conclusion at the end of the book and I would have to agree.



Thank you, NetGalley and Orca Books Publishing for an Advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


**Bonus: it’s one of the books I can cross off my Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 list**



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