August Book Haul!

Hey Guys! I have gotten a bunch of books this month and I decided I needed to share them with you! I did not buy all of these books though. Does that not make it a ‘book haul’? I don’t know. All I know is that I bought/was given lots of books this month! Which makes me super happy and excited to read them! I got 25 new books this month (not necessarily ‘new’ but new to me) and I only bought four of them. How awesome is that?


Check them out:


Let’s start with my Book of the Month –



Well, this is my book of the month. Tadaa! That’s all.


Just kidding! This month’s book was hard to choose. There were two that sounded really interesting but I ended up picking this one because the other book was another YA quirky novel and I’m trying to branch out a bit. Oh, and the cover is really pretty too!




Next, someone I know was trying to get rid of some books, so she sent them to me –


19 books to be exact. I was so excited! Like how many times has someone offered you that many books for free before! Some the books are:

Fahrenheit 451

The Enemy


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before




Then there’s some I bought over the weekend –


The just put a new bookstore in the outlet mall close to my house and it’s like a discount store so all the books are like way cheaper than like Books-A-Million. They all have certain percentages off and it’s awesome. I bought all these books for under $40. I can’t wait to read them.


Last, but not least, my friend Sam (SleepySamReads) sent me a book –




I’m looking forward to checking this one out soon! I’ve heard it’s really good and it’s set in the 90’s which is one of the prompts on my POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. So yay!





What books did you guys buy/receive this month?

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