September Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

This month seems like it has been longer than most months. I’ve gotten several books this month. Not as many as last month, but still, several. Other than getting new books this month, I ordered Christmas presents. Which may not have been a good idea because I get really excited about things like that and tend to tell those I love what I got them. Oops. Not saying that I can’t keep a secret, this is different. The downside to this month is that my Grams isn’t doing very well. She had an accident earlier this week and had to go to the hospital. It hurts my heart to see her this way, but all we can do is spend as much time with her as we can. 💚


These are all of the books I have gotten this month:



I bought these three books at the beginning of the month when my mom and I were trying to kill time before going to watch my brother’s halftime show. I bought them (well my mom actually paid for these) at Book Warehouse, which is my new favorite place ever. We got all three of these books for twenty something dollars.

I’m excited to read Carrie because I’m trying to figure out how I feel about Stephen King novels. This is the fourth Stephen King book that I own (it’s also the only one I’ve (well my mom bought it) have bought)). I also have IT, Sleeping Beauties, and Joyland.

I started The Handmaid’s Tale through the library but decided because it is so much different than other things I have read, I wanted to be able to take my time reading it.

My mom actually picked out The Heretic’s Daughter and it sounded interesting enough and it was really cheap, so we will give it a try.



A lady my mom works for gave her these books to give to me. I haven’t read anything by any of these authors, but I’m super excited about them because I love discovering new authors I might like.



This is my Book of the Month book. I have never read anything with mermaids in it before so I’m looking forward to checking it out. I’ve read about lots of mythical creatures, but not mermaids. I’ve also never read anything by this author so double yay!

I also got Sleeping Beauties as my Add-on for this month’s Book of the Month. Like I said, I’m trying to figure out how I feel about King.



I got this book as a Goodreads Giveaway. I had totally forgotten about it until it showed up in the mail and I was super confused but happy, you know, because it was a book.




Now on to Christmas gifts:


How do you like my wrapping skills?

I don’t know about you but being able to purchase gifts for the people you care for in your life without having to ask for help from anyone makes me happy. This year I’m able to do that so I did. Let’s get something straight though, I am NOT one of those people who starts singing Christmas carols or celebrating the holidays months in advance. I just wanted to get gifts before I no longer had enough money (the new bookstore gets most of my money). My brother’s birthday is also close to Christmas, so I needed to get him birthday and Christmas presents. They are now sitting in my room, wrapped, in an Amazon box where they will be until it’s actually Christmas.



Let’s talk about Grams:


I love this woman with all of my heart and when she had her accident on Monday I was so worried. Early Monday morning at like 2am she fell and cracked her head open. She had to have four staples put in, but they ended up sending her home. She’s doing okay, considering, but the cancer is still wearing her out and she’s in a lot of pain. All we can do is be with her as much as possible, so she knows she is loved. Prayers, positive vibes, anything is greatly appreciated.


How was your September? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


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