Book Review | The Young Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews


The Young Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

YA, Christian, Fiction, Self-Help

Thomas Nelson | May 11, 2004

4/5 Stars

In his senior year of high school, Michael hits rock bottom.  Having been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, he has now been suspended from the track team and lost his college scholarship. His coach is angry, his parents are disappointed, and he’s diving headfirst into a downward spiral. Facing the bleak future ahead, he sees no way out and wonders if life is really worth living.  But with some divine intervention, he’s given a second chance when he’s offered a once-in-a-lifetime journey of discovery

My Review

Let me tell you first why I read this version (The Young Traveler’s Gift) instead of just The Traveler’s Gift: I have all of Andy Andrews’s books, including The Traveler’s Gift, we just got a cat (kitten) 2-3 weeks ago and he’s a spoiled little thing that really likes sleeping in my lap. This makes it really hard to hold a physical book without fear of him messing with it, so I borrowed The Young Traveler’s Gift from the digital library that my library has and read it on my phone. This was all before I figured out that the two books are the same the characters are just different and what leads them to go through the same traveling journey is the same so technically I’ve read them both?

This was actually a pretty good book and really made me think. Throughout the book, Michael visits seven different important people from the past. Each person gives him a piece of paper with a new decision on it. These decisions are supposed to help Michael understand how life works and how he can be a better person not only to help himself but for others as well. I enjoyed reading this book and learning the seven things that he learned throughout his journey. It really makes you think and wonder if some of the things would apply to you and if you employ them would they really help you.

Like I said, I did really enjoy reading this book, but it also helps me cross off another book on my POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. Andy Andrews is actually a local author. I (well not me exactly) won all of his books in a silent auction. What I mean by “not me exactly” is that someone in my family won them and I asked to borrow one of the books and he gave them all to me. Anyways! You should definitely check out this book!

teal thanks for reading


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