Top 5 Tuesday | Worlds I Want to Live In



It’s Tuesday! Which means it’s time for Top 5 Tuesday! This Weeks Topic is about my top five worlds I want to live in (book worlds obviously). Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm where every week there is a new topic and we book blogger’s answer that week’s topic. Head on over to her page and see what it’s all about!

I’m sure there are many book worlds I have yet to discover, but for now, these are my top 5 book worlds I would want to live in:


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Not to sound like a commercial, but I think the wizarding world of Harry Potter would be really cool to live in. I could do magic and go to Hogwarts. I could make friends like Ron and Hermione and Hagrid. Hopefully, I wouldn’t get into as much trouble as they have. I’m pretty sure this one will be on almost everyone’s list of worlds they would like to live in.




I would love to live in the world were Shadowhunter’s exist (or do they already). I know if the shadowhunters exist then all the demons and other crazy things they fight would have to as well. I’m okay with that as long as I get to be totally awesome butt-kicking shadowhunter. (I only like the books. The movie was okay, the TV show sucks. I only choose that picture because I needed a Shadowhunters picture).




It would be so cool to be a demigod and go on quest to save the world. On the second thought, that’s a lot of responsibility. It would still be cool to be a demigod. It would even be cool to just be a satyr and be a protector.



Virtual Reality


To live in a place like in Ready Player One would suck, but the Oasis sounds amazing. You can create yourself so look like who/whatever you want and there are so many different things to do and places to go. It would be amazing.



Any World Created by Dr. Seuss


Don’t laugh, I’m for real. I mean come on. Who wouldn’t want to live in Whoville? Or with talking animals? Or be babysat by a giant talking cat? I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this. I mean c’mon, It would be awesome to live in any of the worlds created by Dr. Seuss.

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