Top 5 Tuesday | Badass Females


Hey Guys! It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday! This weeks topic is about badass female characters. I love books with strong female characters because most of the books you read only have strong male characters. What’s up with that? I can’t wait to see what characters other people have picked!

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm. Each week we respond to that week’s topic and link back to her page. Go check out her page to join in! 




Eelyn – Sky in the Deep

In my opinion, Eelyn is definitely the most badass female character that I have come across in all of the books I have read. She’s a Viking warrior wielding two weapons at all time, all while defending her clan. As you read this book you can almost feel her excitement about fighting for her people and I think that’s awesome.







Lauren Graham – Talking as fast as I Can, Someday, Someday, Maybe, Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, etc.

I love Lauren Graham in everything that I have seen her in and I love everything that she has written. As I was reading her memoir, not only was I thinking of all the hard times and things she had to go through to get where she is now, I was reading it as if she was reading it to me: fast. The title ( Talking as Fast as I Can) is no lie. I read the whole thing in one sitting and would read it again and again. She is just an amazing person.





Clary – Mortal Instruments

I think Clary is a badass because she goes from thinking she’s lost her mother and all of these other new surprising things and turns into this completely awesome shadow hunter chick. Fighting alongside Jace, Alec, and Isabelle, 






Hermione – Harry Potter

Hermione is a badass in many ways: she’s smart, doesn’t take crap from Draco or anyone about having muggle parents, and even though she seems like a goody-two-shoes she tags along with Harry and Ron in all of their mischievous adventures. I think she plays a huge roll in the Harry Potter world and it would definitely not be the same without her.






Annabeth – Percy Jackson & the Olympians 

I think Annabeth is really awesome. She’s a fighter and can definitely handle herself. She’s also really smart which in y opinion is a dangerous combination. I also love how at first Percy is really cautious around her when he sees how well she can fight. You can tell he’s crushing on her the whole time. I loved her character.



Do you agree? Disagree? Let’s talk about it!


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