Book Review | We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott


We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott

YA, Thriller

Entangled Teen | February 5, 2019

5/5 Stars


Remember how many lies we told, Molly? It’s enough to make my head spin. You were wild when I met you, and I was mad for you. But then something happened. And now you’re gone.

But don’t worry. I’ll find you. I just need to sift through the story of us to get to where you might be. I’ve got places to look, and a list of names.

The police have a list of names, too. See now? There’s another lie. There is only one person they’re really looking at, Molly.

And that’s yours truly.

My Review

Molly is the new girl at Cobain’s school. He’s a loner and really doesn’t talk to anyone until one day when Molly looks at him and tells him he is the one. Cobain is completely and totally infatuated with her. Molly has a past that she’s hiding, covering with lies, and wants to get away from anything connected to it, including her overbearing mother. With Cobain promising to do anything he can to make it happen, Cobain and Molly make plans to run away together. But something happens, and all eyes are on Cobain.

I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. The chapters were different than any other book that I’ve read before. They were labeled Now, Then, and Molly. The story is told from Cobain’s point of view throughout most of the book so Now would be the present, Then was when he and Molly were together before she ran away, and Molly is from her present point of view. I found with it being written this way you got more of the story and the back story so nothing was left for you to wonder too much about. You can kind of see where the plot is going (or so you think) until you get closer to the end then you’re like WHAT?! (or at least that’s how I felt).

I really liked Cobain’s character and how the author portrayed him. He was a loner, yes, but he wasn’t the stereotypical YA novel loner. He chose not to talk to people because no one would give him a chance. They all thought he was a freak because of something they knew really nothing about. Which is what led them all to believe that he’s the one that did something to Molly even all he did was love her.

My feelings about Molly’s character went back and forth throughout the book, like situational feelings. One minute, I liked her, and the next I didn’t. Once I got more of a back story of her life, I understood a little more of why she was the way she was and the way she acted.

I absolutely loved this book (as you can tell by my rare 5-star rating). This was a great YA thriller. Like I said before, I really liked the writing style and the characters and would really like to read another book by this author. I would recommend this to anyone who loves YA books with a twist!

Thank you, NetGalley and Entangled Teen for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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