Top 5 Tuesday | Slytherin


Hey Guys! This month’s Top Five Tuesday topics are based on the houses from Harry Potter. Each house has its own set of traits that determine which house you will be in. I love this topic because even if you haven’t read the books (or just haven’t finished them all, guilty!) you can still do this topic you just need to know the traits for each house. This week’s house is Slytherin!

Slytherin Traits – They are ambitious, driven, goal-focused, determined, prepared, perfectionists, adaptable, realistic, self-reliant, charming, assertive, and ruthless. They are highly selective with their loyalty, love positive attention and thrive on praise, care about the impression they give, demand respect, and can be disloyal.

The goal is to pick five books that you think that particular house might like to read or if characters from that book would fit into that house.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm. Each week we respond to that week’s topic and link back to her page. Go check out her page to join in! 



I think Slytherin would like The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo because the main character, Evelyn, has a lot of their traits. She is very goal-focused and she is very charming. She uses this charm to get what she wants in order to further her career. She’s also very assertive and thrives on the praise she gets from being a movie star. I think she would definitely be in Slytherin.



I think Slytherin might like this book because the main character experiences something horrible and throughout the book, she becomes more and more goal-driven throughout the book. She wants to show her loyalty to her friend who was killed by doing what she can to prove the man who shot her friend was in the wrong.



I picked The Kite Runner because Amir, the main character, is disloyal to his friend Hassan when Hassan has never been anything but loyal to Amir. Amir just wants attention from his father and he feels like Hassan gets all his attention so he does something to get Hassan kicked out of their home. 



Everything, Everything would be a good book for Slytherin because of the mom. I’m going to try not to spoil the whole book here.. She does something I feel like is so wrong for her own benefit. Like I said, I don’t want to spoil the book, so if you’ve read it you’ll get it and if not, sorry!



I think Looking for Alaska would be a book Slytherin would like because Alaska pulls Miles into a new world of sorts and kind of just leaves him hanging. Alaska really does things for her benefit and I think that makes her a perfect candidate for Slytherin.

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