Book Review | The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women by Sheila Moeschen


The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women by Sheila Moeschen

Non-Fiction, Feminism

Running Press | April 16, 2019

5/5 Stars

Step aside, Seinfeld. It’s time for the brave, hilarious women of comedy to finally get the recognition they deserve. The people who say women aren’t funny are actually saying something else: that humor in the hands of women is radical and scary. Nevertheless, women have persisted for generations now, deploying their wit in game-changing ways. The League of Extraordinarily Funny Women showcases fifty women — past and present — who used humor to deliver cutting social commentary, tangle with sensitive subjects, challenge traditional ideas about femininity, and above all, do anything but sit still and stay quiet when laughs are on the line. 

My Review

This was a fun book to read. I got to learn about fifty hilarious women and how they have blazed the trail for each other and other women looking to join the comedy world. This book is full of women like Nora Ephron, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Melissa McCarthy, Ellen DeGeneres, and Wanda Sykes. There are a few different sections that separate these fifty women into the types of comedians they are: Sneaky, Sassy, Super Smarties, Courageous, Creative, Character Comics, Dauntless, Defiant, Daringly Disruptive, Magnificent, Marvelous, Mighty Misfits, and Brave, Bold, Brazen Badasses.

I enjoyed reading this book because I love learning about women who have made a difference, especially if that difference helps other women. Just like most things, when comedy and comedians and late-night television shows first started becoming a big deal, women were left out. Women weren’t allowed in front of the cameras no matter how funny they were. Women as comedians seemed to be a joke to most men even though behind the scenes, women were the ones writing the jokes for the so-called ‘funny men.’ This book is great for anyone looking to learn more about the women who blazed the trail for the funny women we love today.


Thank you, NetGalley and Running Press for the opportunity to read and review this book in return for an honest review.

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