Book Review | Beau & Bett by Kathryn Berla


Beau & Bett by Kathryn Berla

YA, Romance, Retelling

Amberjack Publishing | June 25, 2019

3.5/5 Stars






After Beau LeFrancois’s mother wrecks Bett Diaz’s luxury SUV, his family faces an impossibly large bill—with no car insurance to help pay it. To pay off the debt, Beau spends his weekends working at the Diaz Ranch.

Beau’s prepared to work, but he’s definitely not prepared for the infamous temper of Bett Diaz, also known as “The Beast” at school. As Beau learns the secrets behind Bett’s tough exterior, he finds himself falling for her . . . until he catches Bett in a lie.

A contemporary twist on a classic fairy tale, Beau and Bett is a timely story of family, friendship, and the power of speaking out and standing up for yourself.


My Review

Beau’s family isn’t exactly rich. His mom works as a maid and his dad is laid up on the couch after falling off a ladder and breaking several of his bones, leaving Beau to take up a lot of responsibility. After an incident between Beau’s mom and the Diaz’z daughter Bett, The Beast, Beau is left to pay the debt by working on the Diaz’s Ranch for a few weekends. Even after being warned about The Beast, Beau still gives her a chance and after a couple of weekends, Beau decides that she’s not that bad.

As far as Beauty and the Beast retellings go, this one wasn’t bad. I liked how instead of being told from the main female’s POV it was told from the main male’s POV. I really enjoyed reading about Beau’s family and how much they support each other. 

Beau’s character is very mature and responsible while also still being a teenager (if that makes sense). When he heard about what happened between his mom and Bett he immediately started trying to figure out how to fix things. He also decided not to think the worst of Bett when everyone else was saying how bad she was.

Bett, The Beast, lives with her dad and her grandmother on the Diaz’s Ranch and goes to a fancy private school. She’s kind of awkward and speaks without a filter. She’s not exactly ‘beastly’ despite what everyone from her school thinks. 

Bett’s family, in my opinion, was actually quite awful. At first, Mr. Diaz was just going to let Beau off the hook since the Diaz family has plenty of money and the accident wasn’t that big of a deal but then he decided Beau needed to gain some character although Beau was already a pretty great guy. Bett’s grandmother was just mean. She never gave Bett the benefit of the doubt about anything, which probably contributed to the way Bett is the way she is. 

All in all, this was a cute retelling and I enjoyed reading it very much. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a wonderful retelling of the classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Thank you NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book in return for an honest review.

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