Book Review | The Kingmaker Contest by Troy Clem


The Kingmaker Contest by Troy Clem

YA, Magic, Fantasy

Self Published | July 26th, 2019

3/5 Stars


A brutal contest determines the King. Does a god control the outcome?

A thrilling epic fantasy world of magic and war.

Theo’s empathic power lies untapped, but she knows of his abilities. Is she god or something worse? The only thing that’s certain: the rage and terror warring inside Theo can obliterate the Drasque Empire—if war doesn’t first.

Part one of an EPIC series

Theo couldn’t imagine the consequences when he stowed away. His freedom from Losik wasn’t worth war, but he didn’t know magical forces were waiting for him. In a time when whale oil and muskets replaced torches and swords, an ancient way of thinking still prevails, forcing men to kill other men for a chance to be king, and allowing a god and her blood magic warriors to bend the world to her will.

My Review

The Kingmaker Contest is a story about a young boy named Theo who has lived his whole life in a palace in Rigol as the King Rev’s charge. Theo thinks of the palace as a prison. He’s never been allowed to leave Rigol and all Theo wants more than anything is to be a part of the King’s Royal Guard. With the King living in Ironhead, Theo has never had the chance to ever ask even though he is not of royal blood. Theo devises a plan to hide away in a suitcase of the governor of Rigol on his way to Ironhead for business. Their carriage crashes and Theo ends up falling off a cliff. Waking up to strange people treating him, Theo makes friends and ends up on a different journey.

This book is a quick and easy read. At about 200 pages, The Kingmakers Contest takes place in about a two days span. This story has a pretty good pace. All the characters are explained well and easy to imagine. Full of magic and hope, this book is interesting and definitely different than most books I’ve read. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a short and interesting fantasy read.

You can feel Theo’s strength and hopefulness throughout the whole book. I honestly think he’d be a brilliant addition to the Royal Guard. When he meets Nagima and Dak after his fall he wants nothing more but to keep them as friends and becomes very protective of them. 

Nagima is a Sigandar which are the native people of that country. She has magical powers and is in tune with ‘The Mother’ who gives her visions for interpretation. Her clan doesn’t agree with her and they end up chasing her, Dak, and Theo.

Dak is with Nagima whenever they find Theo at the bottom of the cliff. Dak is loyal to the mother because she healed his arms after he lost his hand. He’s scared of being locked away again, so he’s very skeptical, but brave.

All in all, this was a pretty good story. There were a few things I didn’t like, but they were minor. I didn’t like the transition between chapters and I also think the ending was a little strange, but it may be a cliff hanger for another book. I hope there will be more books soon.

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