Book Review | Never Sit If You Can Dance by Jo Giese


Never Sit If You Can Dance by Jo Giese

Memoir, Non-Fiction

She Writes Press | April 23, 2019

5/5 Stars


Jo’s mother, Babe, liked to drink, dance, and stay up very late. When the husband she adored went on sales calls, she waited for him in the parking lot, embroidering pillowcases. Jo grew up thinking that the last thing she wanted was to be like her mother. Then it dawned on her that her own happiness was derived in large part from lessons Babe had taught her. Her mother might have had tomato aspic and stewed rhubarb in her fridge, while Jo had organic kale and almond milk in hers, but in more important ways they were much closer in spirit than Jo had once thought.

At a turbulent time in America, Never Sit If You Can Dance offers uplifting lessons in old-fashioned civility that will ring true with mothers, daughters, and their families. Told with lighthearted good humor, it’s a charming tale of the way things used to be—and probably still should be.

My Review

Never Sit If You Can Dance is a wonderful memoir about a woman and the lessons she learned from her mother. Each chapter is a different lesson that Jo learned from her mom since she was a child. She explains each lesson through a story on how she learned that lesson and how she still applies these lessons to her life daily. The author speaks so highly of her mother that you have no doubt in how much she must appreciate and love her.

This book is such an easy and beautiful read. Being on 144 pages, I could have read this book in a matter of a couple hours, but I was enjoying it so much that I decided to savor it. This book is so well written and also easily relatable. I’m so glad I requested to read it on BookSirens. 

The lessons that ‘Babe.’ Jo’s mother taught her were things like, ‘Never Show Up Empty-Handed,’ ‘Don’t Be Drab,’ ‘Make The Most of What You’ve Got,’ and of course, ‘Never Sit If You Can Dance.’ After reading this book I feel like Babe has also taught me these lessons and I will probably start applying them to my everyday life.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a mother/daughter memoir or just a simple, yet amazing read.

Thank you BookSirens for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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