Top 5 Tuesday | Dystopian


Hey Guys, it’s Top 5 Tuesday time! This week’s topic is dystopian novels which is awesome because dystopian is one of my favorite genres to read. Not only will I get to share my five favorite dystopian novels I’ll get the chance to find that I can check out. I’m super excited about this week’s topic (if you can’t tell).

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm. Each week we respond to that week’s topic and link back to her page. Go check out her page to join in! 


This book was pretty weird when I first read it. I think it was because when I first started reading it I didn’t completely understand the dystopian genre, but I began understanding more as I read it. In this story, everyone is monitored. During work, lunch, on the way home, everywhere. There are screens listening, people telling on each other, you name it. It’s horrible, but I think the author was trying to show how things could eventually get in the future. This is actually a pretty good read.



When I first got asked to review this, I wasn’t completely sure how well I was going to like it. It takes place in 2031, where the rich rule and everyone else suffers. The oceans are rising and the climate is catastrophic. This book was really interesting and I’m glad I decided to read it. It wasn’t confusing like some dystopian novels can be. I ended up really liking this book. You can read my review here.



This book was really interesting because it features aliens in it but the aliens look like normal people, so it’s hard to tell who’s an alien and who isn’t an alien. I really enjoyed reading this (like forever ago) because while the thought of aliens being in a story can seem kind of crazy or childish, this story was anything but those things. There is a lot of fighting and even a touch of romance believe it or not. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series though. I may get t them eventually.



This series was really cool as far as dystopian stories go, in my opinion. You have all these boys stuck in this one place where they have to learn to get along enough to keep each other alive. They also have a group that runs the mazes every day trying to figure out a way out, but when they finally do get out they find a world riddled with disease and realize life was better in the glade. I really liked this series and the movies were pretty good too.



This is another story featuring aliens, sort of, I guess. They are these things inhabiting human bodies in order to make the earth a better place. I guess you could consider this either a utopian or dystopian novel, depending on who which side you’re on. There’s a group of people living out in the desert and they think they are the only ones left that haven’t been taken over by these things and one day a family member who has learned to talk to the inhabitant is found and they take her in, not without objection from a few from the group. I really liked this book and the movie. I actually saw the movie first which made the book easier to understand. 

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