Top 5 Tuesday | Covers of 2019


It’s time for Top 5 Tuesday! This week’s topic is ‘Covers of 2019.’ We all say that we don’t pick books because of their covers, but you have to admit that it’s definitely part of the process. There have been some really cool and some really pretty book covers published this year, so picking just five may be a challenge. I can’t wait to see the covers everyone chooses. 

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Shanah @BionicBookWorm. Each week we respond to that week’s topic and link back to her page. Go check out her page to join in! 



I haven’t actually read this book yet, but I plan to soon. I picked this cover because it’s beautiful. Beautiful, but simple. There’s a pretty girl who’s ribboned from the neck up, with different shades of green in the background, and small flowers sprout from some of the ribbons. I’m a fan of things being kept simple, and this cover definitely does that.



I’m super excited about reading this because I absolutely LOVED Sky in the Deep (which also has a beautiful cover). Blue is my favorite color so that’s a big part of why I love this cover. Also, the woman holding a bow and reaching for an arrow makes me feel like this woman is strong and I love strong female characters. The title is also kind of poetic, like Sky in the Deep. 



First of all let me say how amazing this book is, and how pretty this cover is. There’s a beautiful young woman overlaying this pretty, dark shade of red with different fruits around her. Without even reading the book, I knew it was going to have a strong female lead because of the cover and like I said before, I’m a fan. A friend got me a signed hardback of this book and it’s just as pretty with the dust jacket off.



Again with the strong female lead vibe, the cover of On the Come Up draws me in just from the cover. I felt the same way about Angie Thomas’s first book, The Hate U Give, as well. Although the girl of the cover is only seen from behind, she has her fist in the air and she’s holding a microphone, making me think, ‘Okay, I got strong female vibes and some music vibes, score!’


I like this cover because of its simplicity. You’ve got this village/town in the ar background and the titles written in a way that kind of gives you a feeling of how the book is going to be. I can’t completely explain why I like this cover, but I do. 


Happy Reading!

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