Book Review | Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher


Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes by Chris Crutcher

YA, Contemporary, Fiction

Greenwillow Books | March 18, 2003

4/5 Stars

Sarah Byrnes and Eric Calhoune have been friends for years. When they were children, his weight and her scars made them both outcasts. Now Sarah Byrnes—the smartest, toughest person Eric has ever known—sits silent in a hospital. Eric must uncover the terrible secret she’s hiding before its dark current pulls them both under.

My Review

One day Sarah Byrnes decides to stop speaking and doing really anything for that matter, which gets her put into the hospital. Eric comes and visits her and talks with her as if nothing is wrong only to get no response in return. Eric has to figure out why Sarah Byrnes, the toughest person he knows, has become silent before it’s too late.

I read this book in high school, and I have to say that it packed more of a punch reading it the second time. There are lots of emotions in this book that can be relatable for some people. Chris Crutcher did an amazing job with this book and I’m bummed that he isn’t more well known. 

I really liked the characters, especially Eric. Eric’s nickname is ‘Moby or Mobe’ because he used to be fat before he joined the swim team. The story is told from his point of view and he’s pretty funny. I think that’s part of the reason I like this book so much. 

I liked Sarah Byrnes’s character as well. She’s strong, despite her scared face, and she knows what she wants. She and Eric became friends years ago because they were both outcasts. 

This book had me turning the pages throughout the entire book and never wanting to put it down. I was pulled into the story from the very beginning and wasn’t released until the very last page. The feels in this book are real, there is no denying them. I will probably re-read this book for years to come. 

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