October Wrap-Up

October Wrap-Up

Hey you guys! I can’t believe October is pretty much over. Well, maybe I can because it has seemed very long for some weird reason. I have read three books this month, but I didn’t get to all the books I had planned to read this month. I am so close to meeting my reading goal challenge on Goodreads. I’ve read 49 out of 52 books, which is the number of books I read last year. I’m pretty sure I will read more than that before the year is over. Speaking of that, can you believe the year is almost over? That’s crazy. Anyway, here’s what October looked like for me:



Well, I spent the first half of the month fighting something. I sounded like a prepubescent boy for like a week and couldn’t stop coughing. It was like breathe, cough, breathe, cough. It was so bad I googled how many cough drops I could consume in a day before overdosing (somewhere in the 4,000 range). My eyes were like balls of fire. It was terrible. I took a whole bottle of Mucinex and almost a full bottle of Delsym (over two weeks) and still didn’t feel better. Luckily, once I started antibiotics I started feeling better.

I read three books this month:

I also watched the Looking for Alaska mini-series on Hulu and it was really good. I was sad there were only eight episodes.

I picked two books this month for my Book-of-the-Month and bought 16 from my favorite used bookstore:


Fountains of Silence by Ruta Sepetya

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (20th Edition) by Stephen Chbosky 

These two are what I picked for my Book-of-the-Month. I picked Fountains of Silence because it’s historical fiction and I’ve really been getting into that genre lately. Also, the description sounded really good. I added Perks to my box because it’s the 20th edition and has an extra letter from Charlie in it.

I got all of these except one from my favorite used bookstore, so I really didn’t spend that much. My mom actually bought me Imaginary Friends because she’s awesome. I already have a paperback set of the Twilight series, but these hardbacks were like $8 for all of them so I got them. I also have a paperback set of the Harry Potter books too but they were a hand-me-down set, so I’m slowly replacing them with used hardbacks and I just happened to find Prisoner of Azkaban one of my trips this month. As for the other books, I just thought they would be interesting to read and if I can get them super cheap, that’s a bonus.


I also went to one of my brother’s marching band competitions this month and it was really cool. We got there right before his marching band went on (we were still there about 6 hours) and got to watch him and a bunch of other bands do their halftime shows. He’s been in the marching band for two years now and their competitions are usually hours away and it’s hard for my mom and me to go, but luckily, this one was only about an hour away and I’m so glad we got to go.


Well, that was my month of October. Did you do anything interesting this month? Read anything good? 

Oh, and,



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