November TBR

November TBR

It’s November guys! The year is almost over! I’m so close to meeting my Goodreads Reading Challenge and I didn’t have to lower it at all this year. Last year I read 52 books, so that’s what I set my goal to be this year. I think I may actually read more than my reading goal this year. I want to read five books this month, but one is massive so it may carry over into next month as well. The five books I want to read this month are:



I’m actually almost done with this book. A friend of mine actually recommended this book to me because she thought it was very relatable and she wasn’t wrong. Both of the main characters are sick (hints the title) and they become friends and eventually more, but the things they talk about are really relatable for people like me who are also chronically ill or disabled. 



This is the massive book I was talking about. It’s about 700+ pages, but I really want to read it. I will probably read it between reading these other books, so it will probably carry over into December’s TBR.



This book has been on my NetGalley shelf for a while now. I think when I requested it I thought that because the publication date was so far away I’d have plenty of time to read it. Well, now it’s November and it gets published on the 19th, so I’ll definitely be reading this next.



I’m really interested to read this book. I like learning about pop culture and different things like that so I’m excited to get to this book this month. 


Storm's Clouds - Cover Image

This book is actually a request through my blog and I’m excited to read it. It’s a little on the long side so even though the publication date isn’t until next month I thought I’d get a head start.

Happy Reading!

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