Book Review | 33 Percent Rockstar by S.C. Sterling


33 Percent Rockstar by S.C. Sterling

Music, Biography, Non-Fiction

No Bueno! Publishing | April 19, 2019

5/5 Stars

Scott has played over 500 concerts at hundreds of venues spanning almost two decades. From performing to the bar staff at strip mall dive bars, to a sold-out show with members of The Misfits and the Ramones, 33 Percent Rockstar: Music, Heartbreak and the Pursuit of Rock Stardom is about the love of music and life as a struggling musician. It is the true story of what happens when you give up everything to follow your dreams—even when they lead to a run-down strip club in a seedy part of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Scott learned how to play the bass guitar, and became a musician. He’d eventually become a damn good one. He fell in love and got his heartbroken. Twice. He played in multiple bands, recorded multiple albums, and toured the country.

In the end, Scott never made it big, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. All for the love of music, he toiled in dead-end jobs, drove across the country in dilapidated tour vans, and dealt with the fragile egos and creative differences of a rotating cast of bands and band members.

33 Percent Rockstar: Music, Heartbreak and the Pursuit of Rock Stardom is a Behind the Music for the vast majority of musicians who never achieve rock stardom and offers a glimpse of the everyday lives of those hopeful, possibly deluded souls pursuing the rockstar dream.

My Review

The book provides a lot of insight into the work and effort it takes to become a good musician or for chasing any dream for that matter. Scott knew what he wanted and he continued to chase it until he reached a point in his life where he knew it was time to move on. Although he technically didn’t reach 100 percent rock stardom, he still got to play with multiple bands in different genres and got to open for some bigger bands. 

I love listening to music, but I also like learning about the people behind the music. This book was definitely a little different than your typical biography or autobiography. This book was more like a story, kind of diary-ish, but not exactly. I enjoyed learning about the different bands he was a part of and all the things they had to go through. The best part about the book was seeing Scott go from someone he thought had no musical talent to becoming a pretty awesome bass player. 

Scott had a dream of becoming a rockstar, so after learning to play the bass guitar he and his friend Jake auditioned for a band. Scott ended up playing in several different bands throughout several years, touring the country, recording a couple albums, but never really making it big. 33 Percent Rockstar is about Scott’s life as a struggling musician and his love for music. I recommend this book to anyone who likes learning about musicians and/or people in general. 

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