Book Quotes | Ordinary Girls by Blair Thornburgh


Hey! This week’s book is Ordinary Girls by Blair Thornburgh. This book was an easy and interesting read. The description says it’s a modern take on Sense and Sensibility, but I’ve never read it so I’m not sure. Anyways, here are some quotes that I liked from Ordinary Girls.

“No, I mean science making sense. There are rights and wrongs. Things are solvable. It’s just very.. tidy. I don’t know.” 

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh

Even without the context of the story, I think this quote makes sense and that’s why I liked it.

“English wasn’t like math, where there was always a formula, always a correct answer. It was subjective, which was both its beauty and its curse.”

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh 

Again, makes sense.

“When you read, you see things without seeing. You sense them without sensing that you’re sensing them. It doesn’t tell you what to feel but maybe just how to feel. If that makes sense.”

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh

I completely agree with this and I’m sure most book lovers will also agree.

“One is never grateful for the glory of ordinary things. And yet — I was.”

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh

Simple, but I still like it.

“It was just too easy to be mean when you really wanted to be, even to your sister. No — especially to your sister. I could hurt her more than anyone else, more than mom, more than Charolette, more than the entire university of Pennsylvania. It was a true and essential ability, and in that particular moment, I relished it.”

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh

“It is hard to be kissed like that and not think about almost nothing, and not be swallowed up. I felt glorious. There was truly no other word for it.”

Ordinary Girls, Blair Thornburgh

I just liked this quote.

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