Book Review | Mastering the Brain by Bridget Glover


Mastering the Brain by Bridget Glover

Self Help

Self Published | December 23rd, 2019

5/5 Stars



Mastering the Brain is about how to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself and others and breaking bad habits such as using excuses and eating poorly. The author provides a great deal of good information and solutions to help you to stop doing these things. Each chapter covers a big topic such as Excuses, Self-Care, and Eating Junk Food. Each topic has subtopics and solutions for each of the major topics which helps you to better understand how to break these bad habits.

As I stated before, this book covers topics to help you get away from some of the bad habits that are holding you back from having a happy life. The topics are:

  • Excuses
  • Relying on What Others Think
  • Being a Perfectionist
  • Putting Others Above You
  • Neglecting Self Care
  • Playing the Victim
  • Doing the Bare Minimum
  • Hanging Out with Pessimistic People
  • Eating Junk Foods

Each chapter cultivates ways for you to rid yourself of these bad habits by explaining how these things are keeping you from a better life and gives you a few solutions to help you work toward taking better care of yourself. 

The author does a great job of explaining everything throughout this book and not making things confusing. She gets right to the point and makes things very clear. I think this is a brilliant book for anyone in the need for some help with breaking their bad habits or anyone just wanting to learn more about the effects of bad habits on your life. 

I received this book as a request through my blog. Thank you, Bridget Glover for the chance to read and review your book.

thanks for reading

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