Book Review | Happy to Meet Me by Calista McBride


Happy to Meet Me by Calista McBride 


Self-Published | January 18th, 2020

5/5 Stars



What if you could find the key to living your life joyfully and free of self-doubt?

How different your life would be? Happy relationships? Abundance? Inner Peace? Joy and love?

Happy to meet Me is a writing prompts Journal for self-discovery created to explore all areas of your life.

It’s simply designed to fire up your creativity and challenge your thinking with a variety of unique writing prompts, self-discovery questions and uplifting quotes.

Each prompts support each other to create a progressive experience.

In this journal, you’ll discover:

Unique and engaging self-discovery writing prompts
Irresistible questions that will make you stop and think… deeply 
Daily inspiration to challenge your imagination
Rare uplifting quotes

More than that, these are the Ultimate Benefits you will get from this Journal:

You’ll discover how to better accept and love your true self.
You’ll feel clear-minded, decisive, and confident.
You’ll feel naturally happier throughout your day
You’ll gradually become more optimistic and experience positive momentum
You’ll naturally find yourself back on track with your writing habit even after a journaling rut
You’ll feel self-empowered and find yourself free to explore life like you’ve never dared before

And much, much more!

This beautifully designed Self-Discovery Journal is also a perfect gift for a friend or loved one seeking writing prompts for journals.

However, I need to tell you… this journal is not about rainbows and unicorns.

It’s a no-nonsense approach to exploring your innermost thoughts and empower your life, based on positive psychology, neuroscience, and personal development.

Plus, none of the prompts require any research, and it’s undated, which means you can begin at any point you want.

No prior experience with journaling is needed: the simple actionable steps in this book will help you write smoothly and with confidence.

After reading this, you’ll not only want to journal, but you’ll be looking forward to your daily Me time.

My Review

Happy to Meet Me is a self-help book about learning to love yourself. This book is full of 201 journal prompts that work together in progression on helping you on the journey to loving yourself more. There are no dates on these prompts and you are allowed to go at your own pace, writing as much or as little as you wish. Before each prompt, is a quote that goes along with the prompt respectively. 

I feel like books like these are great for when you need to reevaluate yourself and your self-worth. Whether you already love yourself, or you need help getting there, this is a great book, which is full of great prompts, will surely help you. 

thanks for reading


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