February TBR

February TBR

Hey guys! It’s finally February and time to figure out what I’ll be reading this month. Last month I made a TBR Jar of sorts for my 2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge where I’ll pick one topic a week (at least) and that way I’m not wasting time trying to decide which topic to choose. I have already drawn four topics for this month, but hopefully, I’ll end up reading more. I also have a few ARCs I’m excited about this month, plus a few books I want to read just because. 


My Popsugar Challenge topics for this month:

Fiction/Nonfiction about a World LeaderAbraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Great First LineThe Martian

With a MapWicked Saints

WesternThe Sisters Brothers 


ARCs for this month: 

I’m super excited about all of these books and can’t wait to read them! Be on the lookout for reviews!


Other books I’d like to get to:

Thunderhead – I just finished reading Scythe last night and I am on my toes about what is going to happen next. I have Thunderhead on hold at the library and I swear if I knew the people reading it before me I rush them to no end. I need to know what’s happening next.

I’ve only added one book to this list because of the number of ARCs that I have this month and my Popsugar Challenge books. 

I’m really excited to read all of these books this month. I hope you all have a great February and get to read plenty this month!

Happy Reading!!

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