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Hey guys! This week’s topic is ‘love freebies’ which means I get to choose whatever topic I want as long as it falls under ‘love.’ The topic that I have chosen is ‘Characters that I Love.’ I think we can all agree that in every great book (and sometimes even in the bad ones) we find a character that we love, or at least really like. Here’s a list of ten characters I really loved:

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Hermione Granger – There are lots of reasons why I love Hermione’s character, but the main reasons are because she is super smart and knows she belongs. Throughout the Harry Potter Draco and some others mock her because she has muggle parents, which means she’s not a ‘pureblood’ even though she’s probably smarter and a better at magic than any of them. 

Emoni Santiago – I loved With the Fire on High and Emoni (the MC). She is a teen mom with the dream of becoming a professional chef. Her love for her babygirl never falters while she’s chasing this dream or during the small romance that takes place, which is why I love her character so much.

Will Newman – No, I don’t love this character just because Cole Sprouse plays him in the movie. Let me start by saying that I actually didn’t like his character at all at the beginning of the book. As things progressed and he and Stella got closer I started liking his character more. 

Eelyn – She is a Viking badass, which is why I love her character so much. I knew from the very first chapter of Sky in the Deep that both Eelyn and the book were going to become favorites. 

Aza HolmesTurtles All the Way Down hit differently than all of the other John Green books for me. Aza has hypochondriactic tendencies, she’s forever thinking about the germs around her and the anxiety it gives her borderline paranoiac. I can completely understand where she’s coming from, although maybe not to such extremes but I get it and that’s why I really liked her character.

August Pullman – Auggie doesn’t look like everyone, his face is deformed and there’s nothing he can do about it. My face isn’t deformed from lots of surgeries, but I don’t look like most people and it’s hard sometimes. I felt a connection to Auggie immediately while reading this book and that’s why I love his character so much.

Ethan Wate – I read the Beautiful Creatures series such a long time ago, but I will always adore Ethan’s character. When Lena moves to town and everyone’s giving her crap, Ethan never gives up on her. No matter how many times she tried to push him away or when others told him to stay away he was always there for her and I love his character for that.

Patrick – Patrick from The Perks of Being a Wallflower is hilarious and nothing but his complete self and that is simply why I love his character, both in the book and the movie.

Landon CarterA Walk to Remember is one of my most favorite books and Landon Carter will always be a favorite of mine as well. He goes from being a total jerk to being this amazingly sweet guy falling for the girl he never in a million years thought he would. And I love him for that.

14 thoughts on “TTT | Characters That I ‘Love’

  1. Kristi says:

    I just read Goblet of Fire for the first time, and I really liked the way Hermione didn’t let Malfoy’s teasing get to her in regards to the newspaper article about her leading on both Harry and Krum. It went against the trope and was just one example of the solid head she has on her shoulders (not that she never lets anything get to her, but she knows not to let someone like Malfoy get to her).

    Funny, we had a similar idea for this week’s freebie: My TTT.

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