February Wrap-Up/March TBR

February Wrap-Up/March TBR

Hey guys! Can you believe February is already over? Since I’m a little late with this post I figured I just do both my February Wrap-Up and March TBR at the same time. Hopefully, it won’t be confusing! I did a few fun things in February but I didn’t read too much. I started this month off with a trip to my favorite book used bookstore, so hopefully, this month will be great! I hope you all had a wonderful February and March is just as amazing!


What I read in February:




Some fun stuff I did this month:



I saw Birds of Prey and it was a little disappointing. It was insane and a few of the characters gave me the creeps. It’s like DC gets the hero/antihero right but the villains don’t always hit the mark or go too far. I don’t know. I would have rather have waited for it to come out on DVD and seen something else.


I went to one of the Mardi Gras parades with my mom and some family friends that my brother was in. I got a ton of beads and seven little stuffed animals. Oh, and a few Moon Pies, but I gave those to my brother because he likes them more than I do. 

After the parade, we all went to this pizza place my mom and I had never been too and it was amazing. 


I think that’s all for February. Here’s everything I plan to do and read in March:


POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Topics for this month:

With a Map: Wicked Saints

Pink Cover: The Princess Diaries 

At Least a 4-Star Rating on Goodreads: Clockwork Angel

Bird on the Cover: All the Bright Places


ARCs for this month: 



Other books I want to read this month:



That’s a lot of books (a least for me) and I will probably not get to them all, but I’m going to try to! My mom’s birthday is all that I really have planned this month, so I hope you all have a great month of March!

2 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up/March TBR

  1. evelynreads1 says:

    I hope you end up loving Wicked saints! I resd it last month and absolutely loved it! I will also pick up Ruthless gods this month 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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