Book Review | Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward


Cynetic Wolf by Matt Ward


Myrmani LLC | March 26th, 2020

4/5 Stars



It’s 2096, sixty years after ninety percent died from a man-made Bioplague. Humanity has splintered into four unequal subspecies: immortals, cyborgs, enhancers, and subservient half-human, half-animal hybrids.

The world is anything but equal. Hybrids everywhere are suffering, but sixteen-year-old Raek Mekorian, a wolfish with a nose for trouble, doesn’t see an alternative. Except the Resistance, who don’t stand a chance against the world government. His mom always said, “Keep your head down.”

And he does, until his sister is murdered by a pair of cyborgs. Overnight, his simple life is shattered, fracturing the rigid governmental caste as he is thrust into the dangerous world of superhuman hit squads, Resistance uprisings, and secrets better left unsaid.

With only built-in blasters and the advice of a mysterious professor, Raek must navigate crushing betrayal, self-doubt, and a limitless enemy whose evil knows no bounds.

Can Raek unify his people and free them from tyranny? The fate of mankind may rest in his hands.

My Review

Raek is a 16-year-old wolf hybrid who is just trying to live day to day with his small family. Then something happens that transforms him from this young scared boy into this strong leader. This book was pretty fast-paced and action-packed. The main character goes through a lot, so it’s a definite page-turner. I never felt bored while I was reading this which was great. I think the author did a wonderful job show of giving readers this new and exciting dystopian series that is definitely different than anything I’ve read before. 

I loved all the cool different hybrids and elements of this story. There are several different species: hybrids, enhancers, cyborgs, and immortals. I think this is awesome because it makes the book more interesting.

The only bad thing I have to say about this book is being that it is the first in this new sci-fi series, I would have liked a  little more explanation of the different beings and maybe a little more about how these beings came to be.  

All in all, this was a really cool book and I would recommend it to any sci-fi lover looking for a new and exciting series.

Thank you, Matt Ward, for providing me with an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

thanks for reading


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